There is no other Morgan Futurity that gives back like the World Morgan Futurity!

In addition to the winnings for the different Futurity classes and championships, money is paid out to eligible horses from the WMF's portion of the proceeds of the AMHA Stallion Service Auction. The Auction Bonus is $10,000 in additional Futurity money that goes to the first horse or horses that is a direct result of the AMHA-WMF SSA and wins a World Morgan Futurity championship class.  This was not awarded to any yearlings from the class of 2015, so will carry over to their two year old year. Auction Rewards go to Futurity WC’s whose sires were in the AMHA-WMF SSA the same year.  $27,200 in Auction Rewards and Bonus were paid out this year in addition to the $100,010 paid out in Jackpot prize winnings.  Owners of the dams and sires of these World Champions received Auction Rewards money along with the horse’s trainer.